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Can you buy and sell at the same time?

Buying and selling at the same time is possible, it is exciting and daunting experience. Balancing the logistics and managing the process, the finances and making it all come together requires...

Key things to know about owning a strata title property

Firstly, what is strata? A strata scheme is a building or group of buildings that have been divided into 'lots' such as an apartment, townhouse or villa. When purchasing a strata property,...

When is a Power of Attorney required when selling a property?

A Power of Attorney is a legal document which is created by an individual for another (the attorney), giving them power to deal with their financial affairs. This power can include buying or selling...

What does it mean when the Contract is subject to Probate?

There are a few things you need to consider before purchasing a home that is subject to Probate. Firstly, what is Probate? Probate is required to sell a property when a deceased has passed away. It...

Potential Changes to First Home Buyers in 2023

There has been several mentions in the media of the proposed changes to the First Home Buyers Choice, the First Home Buyers Assistance Scheme, the First Home Owner Grant and the Shared Equity Act....

What is an Easement?

It is important you understand what an easement is so you can look to see if the property you are purchasing has one registered over the title. Being aware of an easement is advisable as there will...

What is Title Insurance?

Buying a property has some inherent risks which may cause loss or affect ownership of the property in the future. Some of these risks will be unknown at the time of purchase or are not always...

Can I add my partners name to the family home?

Ownership of a property can be transferred from a sole name to be held jointly with a partner without paying stamp duty if you meet certain requirements. To ensure that you meet all of the...