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Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning hacks with pantry products


Cleaning Hacks


So you may have seen some ‘life hacks’ for cleaning your home on your socials recently which we are absolutely loving! We have found some that we thought were pretty cool and we wanted to share them with you.

Bathroom Spray
This bathroom spray has been demonstrated by this mum of two in Melbourne by using only household products you would already have in your cupboards.
It contains:
- 1 Cup of White Vinegar
- 2 Tbsp of Dish Soap
- 4 Drops of Tea Tree Oil
This needs to be all put into a spray bottle, sprayed on surfaces you’re wanting to clean and left on for 10 minutes to then scrub and wash off. The ingredients combined help to eliminate odor, cut through scum and helps prevent any staining or mold on your surfaces.

Click here to watch the Tik Tok


Want a cleaning paste for your oven that doesn’t have that nasty chemical smell that the ones you buy have and you have the products in your home already? Well below are the ingredients and the video on how to do it.
It contains:
- ½ Cup of Dish Soap
- ½ Cup of baking Soda
- ¼ Cup of White Vinegar
Yes that is quite literally it!

Click here to watch the Tik Tok


Fresh Linen

Want your linen to make you feel like you’re on holidays all the time? Well again there’s a way and yes you probably have everything in your cupboard already.
It contains:
- Vacuum
- Essential Oil
- ½ Cup of Baking Soda
- ½ Cup of White Vinegar
- Laundry powder/ liquid
Remove your sheets, then vacuum your mattress. Combine 1-4 drops of your essential oil into a cup with your baking soda. Sprinkle onto your mattress and let that sit for as long as you can. Swap our your fabric softener for your white vinegar and wash as normal. Once you’re ready to remove the baking soda from your mattress you will need to vacuum this off however in the demonstration they have advised to not use a Dyson. You can then lay your freshly washed sheets on to the bed and you’re done!

Click here to watch the Tik Tok


There are plenty on all socials for more hacks like these but we thought we’d show you just a few. We hope you liked these as much as we have.

Happy cleaning!