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Easy Gardening Jobs To Improve Your Home


Easy Gardening Jobs to Improve your Home

Spring has sprung! With the warmer months coming, now is the perfect time to start getting your yard and garden ready as you will no doubt be spending more time there, whether it be entertaining family and friends or just enjoying the sun!

If you are planning on selling your home, then cleaning up your outdoor area can add real value to your home, no matter when you are planning on selling it.  Keeping your garden maintained means your outdoor area is ready to enjoy or sell. 

Doing these few things will help you keep on top of your yard all year round: -

  1. Lawns
  • Implement a regular fertilising program to provide all the food and nutrients it needs to get growing thick and strong.
  • Aerate the soil to break up the hard soil and nourish the roots will assist in providing hydration.
  • Trim the edges from garden beds and paths to create a fresh and polished look.
  • Blow leaves, cobwebs, dust/dirt and lawn clippings.
  • High-pressure spray over the paths and patios to remove stains and dirt.


  1. Hedges and Garden beds
  • A well-presented garden can increase the presentation of your home and therefore your sale price as well. First impressions have a lasting impact, so create a look from the curb side to your door that is fresh and bright with lots of life and ease of entry.
  • Adding pots with think cluster of different plants around the paving or decking areas to make it look more homely.
  • Regularly trimming hedges and weeding the garden.
  • Making sure all trees are pruned and dead bushes/trees are removed.


  1. Screens
  • Installing screens around the yard are a quick and cheap option to assist in privacy of your space. You may look at installing fence toppers or established hedges to assist in creating a sense of serenity and seclusion from your neighbours.


  1. Retaining walls/Fences
  • Leaning, crumbling, or weak-looking retaining walls are an eye-sore and can be a deal-breaker. For stone or brick walls, minor cracks can be filled using special epoxy or a concrete repaid kit. Remove any loose mortar and replace with a fresh mix.
  • If your wall is timber, remove any rotting parts and replace them with timber that has been treated for using with soil.
  • Your fence is probably looking a little worse for wear. Sand it up, do any repairs it may require and give it a facelift with some timber stain.


A garden is an extension of the home these days – some might call this ‘bringing the outside inside’. We want to know that the landscaping around our home fits in with our lifestyle so it can be enjoyed when we’re home with our family. It needs to also have scope to grow as the family grows and be easy to maintain as life moves forward.

Happy Spring!