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NSW Paper Certificate Of Titles To Be Abolished


As of the 11th October, 2021 all paper Certificate of Titles will be cancelled NSW. As part of the transition to an entirely electronic conveyancing system, the abolishment of paper certificate of titles will be replaced with electronic titles.

The change to eCTs will not change your ownership of your property, and evidence of your ownership of a property will still be recorded on the Land Titles Register. After completion of the transition in NSW to the electronic format, your title will become a virtual record in an electronic register called 'The Register' and your printed deed will lose its legal validity.  

The impact on owners of the cancellation of paper certificates of title will include:

  1. Those who pay off their mortgage will not receive a physical Certificate of Title as per previous practice.
  2. A cash purchaser of a property will not receive a physical Certificate of Title.
  3. When a plan of subdivision is registered, Certificates of Titles (or CoRD) will no longer be issued for any new parcels created.

Instead, an Information Notice will be issued confirming the dealings registered and date of registration.

As there will no longer be paper Certificate of Titles, it is expected that applications for replacement certificates of titles will become redundant from 11 October 2021.

If you sell your property, it will be transferred to the new owner's name via a process of electronic conveyancing on the PEXA platform (Property Exchange Australia), which is already widely used in Australia. To transact to register documents electronically, you must be a subscriber to PEXA, which we have been transacting for all our property settlements since the beginning of the companies launch.  For further information we are here to answer all your questions and queries. Please visit our Contact Page to see how to contact your closest or previous conveyancer.