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What to look for when buying your First Home?


Looking for your first home can be so exciting but this is one thing you should not rush!  Buying a home, especially your first home, is a very big commitment both financially and emotionally.  So here are a few tips on making sure you make the right decisions and prepare yourself to have as much knowledge as possible before committing to anything.


Finding your perfect home, sounds simple right?  You find a home that has the features you want, it’s in the right location, its got a great kitchen, one you surely could cook up a storm in! Be able to entertain your guests on the larege deck and watch your family grow and  make those special memories.   


However, there are some essential questions you should ask yourself before making the biggest life decision of your life! Are can you afford it? What are the council rates per annum? What is the stamp duty, are you entitled to an exemption?


Finding a home in your ideal location might take some work especially in a hot market, as it may just be out of your price range.  Make sure you right a list of what you want in your home, proximity to the shops, how many bedrooms you want, close to schools etc.  When you have a compiled list you can see the areas you can be flexible on.


Are you ready to own a home? 

You will need to prepare yourself to take on any challenges and responsibility of owning your own home may bring.  It’s all on you as a homeowner to fix any repairs that may need attention or accept and be able to afford to fluctuating interest rates.  Take the time to think if it’s the right thing for you. 


Ensure you write out a budget to ensure you can afford it.  Include items like food shopping, loan repayments, electricity, water, rates etc.  Before proceeding with any purchase, ensure you talk to a banker or a broker to find out what price range you can afford and provide them with all the paper work so its alot simpler when you do find your dream home!  Speak to your broker to ensure you have sufficient savings to purchase a home.  All lenders are different and it is best to have around a 10% deposit as this is the preferred deposit payment under the Contract for Sale. 


You should have at least a preapproval in place before bidding or negotiating on a home as it will make your purchase and exchange process a lot easier and quicker for you.


Please ensure you contact us before you sign any contract so we can review and advise on the contract for sale before committing to any purchase.  We offer free contract reviews for all our clients and cannot wait to assist helping you on your incredible journey that will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life!  Happy house hunting!